The company of organ builders Bruhn & Søn orgelbyggeri in southern Jutland and the company of organ builders P.G Andersen in Copenhagen were merged in 1995.

Peter Bruhn founded Bruhn & Søn in 1954 after he had worked for Marcussen & Søn for 25 years. The business started up under modest conditions, but has developed into a recognized company of organ builders with a total of 12 employees. After the death of the founder in 1975, his son Carl- August Bruhn took over the business, and as the third generation, Bjarke Bruhn, is trained in the many aspects of the trade, the future is secured.
Carl-August Bruhn has now left the company and retired.
Management is carried out today by Paul Hansen and Bjarke Bruhn.

The founder of the company of organ builders P.G. Andersen was employed with Marcussen & Søn in the period 1926-1963.

In the years from 1963 and until his death in 1980, as a self-employed organ builder P.G Andersen created several well known and magnificent instruments, and Andersen also made his mark by drawing organ facades, an aspect of the trade which he mastered completely. After the death of P.G. Andersen, the image of the company of organ builders was carried on and strengthened by organ builder Paul Hansen.

With the merger of P.G. Andersen and Bruhn & Søn orgelbyggeri, the branches on Zealand and in southern Jutland are maintained, and with this structure the company is well equipped to continue to perform tasks involving the building of new organs as well as maintenance and restoration of organs.

The base of the company is in harmony with the artistic consideration, which is made in connection with the building of new organs in which the three important factors of architecture, sound and craftsmanship are adjusted individually to each individual church.

The craftsmanship, sound and artistic traditions are today documented by the recognition enjoyed by P.G Andersen & Bruhn Orgelbyggeri in organists and music circles worldwide



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