Maintenance of organs

Since pipe organs are sensitive instruments, the sound of which is often affected by various conditions such as fluctuations in temperature, dust and the like, we offer ongoing maintenance of the organs we have manufactured. It is a big part of our company to make sure that the organs of the churches play impeccably, and therefore one of our voice staff inspects the instrument once a year. Here we look at the function of the clutch and the playing mechanics, and whether this is affected by temperature fluctuations in the room, dirt and dust or humidity. Among other things, it is important that the temperatures are the same in and around the organ, as otherwise mood shifts can occur if the heat is not placed evenly in the pipe system. In addition to the annual check, it is always possible to contact us if you experience acute faults in the instrument that need to be repaired immediately. We offer maintenance of all types of pipe organs, so that the quality and sound is always at its highest.

Ongoing check and service

If you experience faults or deficiencies in your organ, we are always available to come out and investigate and correct this, so that the organ sounds good when used in the church. If the organist has problems with the delivered or restored organ, we are always available on our telephone number +45 47 17 75 75 or by email You can always talk to one of our organ tuners about the problem if you experience mood problems with the instrument. Through guidance, you may be able to solve the problem yourself, but we will of course move out if there is a need for this.