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Sales and maintenance of well-sounding organs

At P.G. Andersen & Bruhn ApS we offer church organs and service of these to churches around Denmark and abroad. The instruments are manufactured from scratch with a focus on high craftsmanship, artistic and acoustic quality. As a starting point, all organs are unique, and it is therefore always our goal to create instruments with sonic expressions and mechanical solutions that live up to your expectations. In addition, the organs are always adapted to the local conditions at the individual church. Our many years of experience in organ building enables us to manufacture organs that combine thorough and traditional craftsmanship with the latest developed technology, so that both pipes, playing tables, organ houses and other parts of the instrument are manufactured with a view to high quality. When we start new organ projects, our customers can always send a list of the requirements and wishes for the organ, both in terms of size and design. Based on these requirements, the manufacturing process is initiated. In addition to making new organs, P.G. Andersen & Bruhn ApS also sells older organs, which are being restored and adapted to the church's conditions.

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Our planning and production of a new instrument always takes place in close collaboration with the individual church. This means that both organists, parish councils, organ experts and architects play an important role so that we can create an organ that is both beautiful and well-sounding for the organist and the congregation. Through the close collaboration with church staff as well as our many years of experience in church organs, it is possible for us to manufacture high quality instruments down to the smallest detail. We produce and deliver well-designed organs to all of Denmark. In addition, we perform service on organs across large parts of the world and have, among other things, performed work for churches in England, Germany, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Sweden. If you have questions about our work with the instruments, you are always welcome to contact us. We are available on the telephone number +45 47 17 75 75 or by email bb@andersen-bruhn.dk.